Digital Transformation

Modernization of financial and operational functions

Develop a digital plan 

  • Evaluation of existing processes and needs to identify areas where digitization can bring added value
  • Perform a comparative analysis of digital tools tailored to the specific needs of the organization
  • Elaborate digital solutions best suited to the specific needs of the organization using cloud-based software and non-programming automation
  • Identify the costs associated with the digital strategy and analyze its feasibility and associated risks

Cloud implementation

  • Migration to cloud-based accounting software
  • Implementation of softwares for
    • biling and payables
    • invoicing
    • payroll
    • payment platforms
    • Project management
  • Integration between the various platforms
    • direct connection: configuration of existing connectors
    • indirect connection: connection via lowcode platforms

Process analysis and reengineering

  • Analyze existing processes to identify potential improvements
  • Rethink and redefine existing processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Redesign processes to maximize the benefits of current and implemented technologies
  • Simplifying processes through automation

Digital Training

  • Training on the use of cloud accounting software
  • Training on cloud accounting processes
  • User training on the software implemented as part of a digital plan