Welcome to Hub6

Your scaling team

Our history

It was during a dinner with friends that our story began, around the table we discussed and a very simple question was asked:

What if we reinvented professional services?

Passionate about innovation, we have worked to create the ideal professional offer for today's entrepreneurs.

A multidisciplinary firm that brings together in one place the fundamental professional expertise a company needs to operate.

Services reinvented by new technologies for emerging industries.

Competent and available professionals who know your company as if it were their own.

A stimulating work environment for professionals who want to do things differently.

A firm for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Hub6

Anthony & Pierre-Anthony


About Hub6


A team of multidisciplinary professionals

- Lawyers
- Accountants
- Tax specialists
- Certified Human Resources Advisors


Services integrated with new technologies

- A customer portal
- Your cloud accounting
- Your corporate book on the cloud
- Online appointment booking


Innovative pricing

- Annual subscriptions payable monthly
- Evolutionary rates according to your growth stage
- Real-time invoicing via our portal
- Centralizing of your business expenses